What does a ceremony cost?
It depends on the ceremony, each ceremony is unique. Various factors are taken into account. It’s best to contact us and tell us your hopes, expectations and budget and we may be able to make something work. Deposits paid are non-refundable, as a definite booking has been agreed, and a Ceremony draft has been crafted and sent to couples to edit. If couples decide to pay the total amount, which is the personal choice by the couple, then it too is non-refundable, except in personal contact and a mutual arrangement with the Celebrant

How much notice is needed?
For everything but weddings, only a weeks notice is needed, shorter notice can also be arranged, but contact us now for availability.

For couples that have already sorted out the legal documentation for their wedding and are just desiring for a public ceremony, only a weeks notice is needed.

For couples that have not completed their legal documentation, it must be noted that the register (HSE) requires 3 months notice by law, but it is advised to get notification in before that. I can guide you through the process, if desired.

Can the ceremony take place on Saturday or Sunday?
Yes, I will officiate on any day of the week, and at any time

Does it matter where the ceremony is held?
No, I will travel to any location and there is no limitations on where you can host your event, inside or outside, I will cater to your preference

How do we have our marriage recognised legally?
By informing the state registrar of your intent. Notifications are only taken by appointment. Three months notice is required by law, but you should make contact before that to receive a timely appointment. I can guide you through the process. Remember your 3 months notice commences of interview with register

Can you help with choosing readings, blessings, prayers and formatting of vows?
Absolutely! Your chosen Readings & Music are always acceptable and I can, if requested provide Personalised Candles, Music and Leafleting for your special day