A ceremony tailored to your requirements. I am a licensed Legal Solemniser of Marriages, and can also help you negotiate the State requirements of giving notice of Marriage, and can suggest music source persons, help in choosing your unique Readings, prayers, poems and reflections. I would be honoured to be your Celebrant/Solemniser for your specially happy family occasion, indoors or outdoors

I provide a dignified ceremony for your loved one, I’ll work with you to incorporate appropriate tributes and music. I would be so happy to officiate at Final Committal prayers in a person’s home, at Graveyard, Crematoria or Ashes Dispersal location.

Memorials & Anniversaries
I provide ceremonials to remember special persons and days in your life story and Anniversary ceremonies at any location.

Renewal of vows
Renewal of contracts ceremonies and renewal of vows are undertaken to help you relive your special day.

Other Ceremonies

I’ll be there for you for all your life transitional occasions whether sacred or secular

Baby naming ceremonies
I specialise in baby naming ceremonies and blessings

Rights of initiation
I plan your coming of age ceremonies, beginning of work ceremonies, beginning of travel ceremonies.

Pet funerals
The death of a pet with which you have developed a strong bond can be just as devastating as the death of a beloved family member or friend, in these moments it can help to express and face your grief. I’ll help you celebrate the life of your pet in a fitting ceremony.

Spiritual direction
Given in individual or in group retreat form

Mediation services
Provided in family/company issues

Loss and grief counselling
Provide accompaniment in the loss and grief experience